Here’s to a magical 2018 from Jennifer, Mark, and SoMo.
  Of all the great coffee places in Vancouver we think Platform 7 has something really special. From their techniques, beans, specialized equipment and the unique environment, Marke and his team create a bit of magic. We’re so excited to see the content from our last shoot for Platform 7 and Tangoo start to make it’s way out to the world.
We are having so much fun creating hand drawn animated content for CUR laser medi spa. Working with the forward thinking Rina Liddle of Liddleworks Indie Media and the innovative and respected Dr. Kumar, we’ve crafted content that is body positive, gender fluid, and wants to let you know we think you’re great just the way you are. If you want to tone, trim, plump, or enhance then do it for nobody else but you. […]
Social Motion Media was asked by Hightail ( to write an article about our short-form video social content and the utilization of their excellent workflow solutions. Enjoy!
Our client, Cleanblend, increased their follower engagement by 450pc on Instagram by smartly utilizing original short-form video recipes and top shelf photography. The numbers don’t lie — fresh, consistent content for social mobile & digital media improves sales conversions and promotes sharing and likeability across numerous platforms and ecommerce marketplaces.
Is this simply marketing kitsch — or marketing controversy? Gandhi Flips n’ Flops
Happy new year! Welcome to SOMO SAYS — our new BLOG/VLOG that will examine trends occurring in social mobile and digital media, and of course keeping followers updated on what SOMO is working on. So let’s do it to it! Scott Galloway and Maureen Mullen run through their top predictions for digital, mobile and social in ’17. Our takeaways? Amazon is poised to potentially be the first company valued @ one trillion dollar$ (“How many zeroes in a […]
What Vancouver’s Female Animators Think About the Diversity of Their Industry On the heels of The Hollywood Reporter‘s white-dudes-only panel on diversity in animation, we asked seven women working in our own local animation industry how they think Vancouver measures up. January 11, 2017 By Stacey McLachlan When The Hollywood Reporter dropped an article about diversity in animation a few weeks back, they made one major error: failing to consider that all of the people on […]
How Social Motion Media Keeps Video Content Moving By Colm Larkin @ Hightail Social Motion Media is a digital content agency based in Vancouver. We spoke with co-founder and Creative Director, Jennifer Mawby, about bringing visual art to content marketing and finding a workflow solution for the full lifecycle of a project. Social Motion Media is a digital content micro agency… We focus on short-form video and animation for brand marketing with a growing emphasis […]
Earlier this Spring I had the great opportunity to collaborate with the creative power duo, Jennifer and Mark, at Social Motion Media. Their portfolio consists of multiple industries, moving media imagery for social media, storytelling, strategy, and production. We wanted to bring something fresh to the studio shoot, that really separated a blog post from the pack. I have been extremely inspired by second-hand fashion this year and have had a re-born feeling of appreciation […]