Short-form video for social media is an exciting, exploding domain that ADWEEK and other influencers have identified as the “next wave”, imperative for social media marketing success. Overwhelmingly and based on user statistics and behaviours, video ads are swiftly moving over to mobile/web and away from traditional television. The most compelling video content will drive repeat views and increase loyal followers who will in return share, comment, and create sales conversions.


By 2020, The Economist reports that 80% of global adults will carry a smartphone or tablet. On those mobile devices, social media is the most direct and immediate way to connect with that socially wired audience. However, in this explosion of social media, content must also evolve to be more compelling and cohesive in order to create and retain audience attention.


Social media video opens a window into the world of your brand, product, or service in a more engaging manner than with simple still imagery and dull, typical text.  A ? creates powerful opportunities to emotionally connect with your followers because:


– Videos allow consumers to see your products and services in action.

– Videos ignite brand intimacy, initiating a 1-on-1 with the consumer in a deeper, more personal way.

– Videos cut through the noise of an overwhelming social media landscape and go directly to the message, making an instant, lasting impression.


Brands of all sizes are now investing in video content @ the speed of social — we think you should too.