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The business case for using video is simple: it works. Short-form video allows you to influence your customers earlier in their decision cycle through relevant, timely and unique storytelling. It's an exploding domain that Adweek and other influencers have identified as the "next wave",
an imperative key for digital marketing success. Compelling videos and animated visuals will drive repeat views and increase loyal followers who will in return share, comment and create sales conversions. Video for social media is the most direct and immediate way to connect with globally wired consumers. Mobile & digital video advertising is as effective as TV ads, and at a fraction of the cost. Brands of all sizes are now investing — we think you should too.


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To be successful on social your brand needs lots of authentic, original content. A fresh supply of new content is critical for the consistent growth of your specific social media platforms. We create engaging content that your followers and target clients will love and want to share. Content that reinforces the values of your brand — delivering on your digital and marketing goals.

SOCIAL MOTION MEDIA offers the following services:
- Social video audit and competitive analysis.
- Social video fit with other marketing strategies.
- Social advertising via paid sponsored posts.
- Campaign strategies.
- Original content for digital media and social mobile.
- Copywriting, treatment and storyboarding.
- Project and social content management.
- Production (4K video, stop motion/illustrative animations, cinema-gifs, paper crafting and photography).
- Post (video editing, effects/motion graphics and audio/music).


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Making dynamic, handcrafted content is a time consuming labour of love that requires talent, technical expertise and creative passion. Each of our clients and projects are so different that the work required to bring their brand to life is different from job to job. Project costs vary based on the effort required to realize the vision and objectives of our clients. Some require a variety of content several times a week, while others simply test drive a one-off spot to see if it will fit their brand marketing goals and budget constraints. Our rates are on par with other short-form/quick content creators and we can provide you with those comparisons. If our CREATIVE CONTENT connects with you let us know — we can estimate a budget for your specific needs.

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